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Fun Things You Can Do While Having Dinner Party

Although you only have a dinner party for friends, family, or even coworkers, you still have to think about event entertainment ideas for your dinner party to run with fun. Gathering together with delicious food and good socialization is certainly fun. But adding entertainment can make your event even more festive.

At a dinner party, you need to think about event entertainment ideas that can involve everyone. Especially in the era of all-round technology as now, try the event makes them forget the gadget. Is not the purpose of a dinner party is to get together and talk to each other? Below are some things that can be done during the dinner party:

– Doing group games
After having dinner together, you can gather everyone to do the game in groups. Give relaxed games like card games, poker, or board games. These games make people will interact with each other and feel relaxed after enjoying the food.

– Cooking with your friends
Give your guests a challenge to cook together for dinner. They can bring any ingredients for cooking. It does seem intimidating because not all guests are good at cooking, but that’s the challenge! Or you can set up barbeque equipment if you do not want your dinner party destroyed. That way, your guests will interact with each other and the dinner party atmosphere becomes fun.

– Dance together.
If you have enough room or a large garden, dancing together will warm the atmosphere. Do not forget to prepare a meal or a snack during dancing. Invite your guests to dance together, whether in groups or in pairs. You can hire professional dancers to teach easy dances. Certainly, your guests who are not good at dancing will look funny, but that’s the entertainment. Give music that everyone can enjoy, do not just pay attention to the joys of certain people.


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