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Making a natural cleaner for wooden deck and floor

Making a natural cleaner for wooden deck and floor

Wooden floor or often referred to as a parquet is a material option that is in great demand because it can bring a warm feeling in the room. In contrast to ceramic floors or natural stone, wooden flooring can also offer timeless impression. In the meantime, you can also find the affordable prices for decking and flooring services and materials by checking out the ipe deck cost.

Parquet consists of two types of materials, namely solid wood and wood processed. If you choose this type of floor to decorate the house, there are several advantages and disadvantages of wood parquet.

The advantages, wooden floors fairly durable and long-lived, termite resistant and easy maintenance. But along with changes in temperature, expansion and shrinkage often change the distance between the parquet.

How to restore this density can be done by filling the gap with the gap filter.

For daily care, you do not need to buy chemicals to clean the stains on the surface.

In addition to damaging the color and texture of wood because of the wax material it contains, the impact of chemical drugs also needs your attention for the health of family members.

Instead, you spend a lot of money to buy wood floor cleaners, it turns out there are some powerful natural ingredients to clean stains on the floor surface.

Natural cleaning materials for wooden flooring
– 60Ml Lemon Juice
– 90 Ml Olive Oil
– 2 Liter Hot Water

The steps for making the natural cleaner for wooden decks and floors:

1. Prepare a basin or bucket large enough to be a cleansing container.

2. Then mix the hot water with lemon juice, this is a common trick where the mixture between the two can be a natural antiseptic on your floor.

3. After that spill the olive oil into the cleaning solution, Olive Oil serves to give your wood floor back a natural sparkle.

4. Combine these two natural ingredients with hot water is the right mixture to eradicate stains.

5. Start cleaning the desired wood flooring, do an initial experiment on one area first to make sure you are satisfied with the workings of the solution, then just clean the wooden floor as a whole, make sure you wipe the floor flat with the cleaning solution.

6. Let the floor dry by itself, you do not need to rinse the floor with water or anything, after dry, you have to be careful in stepping because the floor can be quite slippery at first. However, the fresh scent and the floor’s shiny look will be a bonus.


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