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Tips on Choosing Paint Color for Kitchen

Color can affect one’s mood view website . No wonder that the choice of color in the house should be the main concern. The selection of the right colors will create its own atmosphere for space in the house, not least for the kitchen area.

The kitchen is one part of the house which has a frequency of activity quite often because it is used daily. For those of you who have a kitchen area with a size not too broad, color games can determine the convenience of the kitchen.

Wrong in choosing the color of paint can result in a tiny kitchen becoming more narrow and stuffy. Here are some things you can do to choose the color of paint for a small kitchen in your home. If you need more tips, you may view website.

– Avoid Dark Colors

For the small-sized kitchen, you should use bright colors, like white or beige. Bright colors will help create a broad illusion of space. Conversely dark color will make the room more visible narrow.

– Customize with the Theme of the House

Nothing wrong with adjusting the color of the kitchen with the theme that carried your dwelling, for example, blue color for a nautical theme, white color for the theme of Scandinavian, brown color for the classic theme, and so forth. Adjusting the color to the theme will make the room look more harmonious as a whole.

– Choose the Right Color Cabinet

If your kitchen has many cabinets or cabinets, adjust the color with the paint color of the walls. If the kitchen wall uses bright colors, you can paint or choose a cabinet with neutral colors like white, black, wood, or color with soft tones to combine with the color of the kitchen wall. Conversely, if the kitchen wall has a white color, you can paint or choose a cabinet with bright colors like blue, black, green, red, yellow, and others.


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