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Two Ways to Know God!

Two Ways to Know God!

The ultimate and universal purpose of human life is to be an expression of God’s glory. One proof that God is real is the creation of human beings. Then how can we be an expression of God’s glory? Of course the first is that we need to know Him. Only by knowing God will we know how we can be the expression of His glory. Therefore, there are two ways we can know God, these two ways each give different levels of recognition as well.

The first way is through what He does, through all that He has created. This first way is available to everyone, whether religious or otherwise. By looking at the realm of creation, the real human being can know that the whole universe with all its contents does not appear just like that but someone created it that is God the Creator of the Almighty and Holy.

Of course, this first way is not sufficient, God wants us to know Him more than the Almighty and Holy Creator. In addition, this way is still very vulnerable to deviations so that many people eventually fall into idolatry or worship various kinds of gods and false gods that are nothing more than the devil of the liar.

We can then know God in a second way, through what He says. Throughout human history, God has revealed Himself to man through His Word delivered by the prophets in the holy books. In order to maintain consistency, He has chosen one nation for the task.

And the culmination of His self-declaration through this Word is that when the Son of God Himself became incarnate, this is the moment when the Word becomes Flesh and dwelt among us. Only through this Word can we know God properly.

The word of God through the Scriptures ends with the apostles. Furthermore, God reveals His Word through the teachings of the Church which is also known as the Holy Tradition. By studying the Word of God in Scripture and the teachings of the Church we can know God through what He says.

This second way obviously leads us to the knowledge of a deeper and richer God than just knowing Him through what He has created.

Even so, this is not enough. Moreover, in fact, the texts of Scripture because of their limitations are often misunderstood and bring forth the heresies of the heretics which are misleading.

God wants us to know Him better and do not want us to be caught in the limitations of Scripture texts.

So God also wants us to know Him through the third way, through what He feels. This is the deepest way of all, the culminating recognition of God that brings us to know Him as well and deeply as God wants for humans to know Him.


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